Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A note from our first refugees:

Jim & I had a Car Service bring us up to Hyde Park to Susan and Mike's who greeted us with a great supper & beautiful evening lamplight...they even have a functioning TV!  

I keep picturing the deep night of the lower east side with no electricity and streets empty of all but squad cars. At least three could always be seen from our windows, flashing their lights to tell us we were safe and all was well. Today, in the dingy greys of the aftermath, I watched our friends, Pol and Rachel , the fine sports, making cheer for neighbors and having an adventure, while we floated away in our car. I feel blessed there & here.

Sandy aka changing her name to Tom

Storm Update
Dear Sandra,
Please be advised that the building is still without power and Steam. Con-Ed will not confirm when they plan to restore power, they estimate it may be at least 4 days.
We ask that if you have left the building to please remain at your current location. The building does not have elevators or proper lighting.
We are actively working with contractors to get the water pumped out of the lower levels of the building. Due to the overwhelming need for pumps and contractors we expect to have all water pumped out by tomorrow evening.
The front desk phone is out of service due to lack of. We will continue to try and update all residents on a regular basis.

Joshua Garofano
Property Manager

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